Thursday, January 24, 2013

More fun in the Philippines or more fun outside the Philippines?

I am nurse but let's say for the general Filipino Community, everyone wants to go outside the country and search for greener pasture. in my opinion, it is not always like that. We know people working outside the country have bigger income but also let's take into consideration the expense they are having, for example, they are earning 50 thousand pesos per month abroad, and they pay the rent, groceries, bills and stuff summing up to 25 thousand pesos. and all they can send here in the country is half of 50 thousand. in the opinion of others, it depends upon the country and the economy itself. for me, i would rather stay here in the Philippines and earn that 25 thousand per month instead of leaving my family and spend another 25 thousand paying bills while here in the Philippines i can have free food and lodging at our own house. i am not selfish nor self preserved person but what i am thinking is about the smart ways to earn. if i can earn this amount of money here the country, then i wouldnt sacrifice leaving my family earning the same amount i am earning here.